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Image IIC. Part # Mfr. Part # Mfr. Description Quantity Unit Price
Minimum Quantity SeriesTypeSize / Dimension
161000F00000G-IIC 161000F00000G Aavid Thermalloy THERMAL EPOXY 564 - Immediate 75Non-Stock Ther-O-Bond 1600Resin and Hardener10 gram Container
164000F00000G-IIC 164000F00000G Aavid Thermalloy THERMAL EPOXY 916 - Immediate 35Non-Stock Ther-O-Bond 1600Resin and Hardener40 gram Container
249G-IIC 249G Aavid Thermalloy THERMAL GREASE 946 - Immediate 450Non-Stock Thermalcote™Silicon Compound1.0 oz. Tube
250G-IIC 250G Aavid Thermalloy THERMAL GREASE 907 - Immediate 350Non-Stock Thermalcote™Silicon Compound2 oz Tube
251G-IIC 251G Aavid Thermalloy THERMAL GREASE 814 - Immediate 500Non-Stock Thermalcote™Silicon Compound1 lb Can
252G-IIC 252G Aavid Thermalloy THERMAL GREASE 681 - Immediate 20Non-Stock Thermalcote™Silicon Compound5 lb Can
100000F00000G-IIC 100000F00000G Aavid Thermalloy THERMAL GREASE 973 - Immediate 250Non-Stock Therolink 1000Silicon Compound1 gram Ampule
1000-100-IIC 852815 Loctite THERMSTRATE APPLICATOR BAR 31 - Immediate 1 LOCTITE® Thermstrate® TCPhase Change Thermal Compound19 gram Applicator Bar
1000-101-IIC 160799 Loctite 315 SELF SHIMMING THERMAL ADHE 12 - Immediate 1 LOCTITE® 315™Acrylic Adhesive (Activator Sold Separately)25 ml Syringe
1000-102-IIC 135256 Loctite 384 REPAIRABLE THERMAL ADHESIVE 13 - Immediate 1 LOCTITE® 384™Acrylic Adhesive (Activator Sold Separately)25 ml Syringe
1000-103-IIC 234476 Loctite 3873 SELF SHIM HI COND THREM ADH 7 - Immediate 1 LOCTITE® 3873™Acrylic Adhesive (Activator Sold Separately)25 ml Syringe
1000-108-IIC 354964 Loctite 5404SELF SHIM SILICONE THERM ADH 7 - Immediate 1 LOCTITE® 5404™Silicon Compound30 ml Syringe
1000-109-IIC 230178 Loctite 7387 THERMAL ADHESIVE ACTIVATOR 19 - Immediate 1 LOCTITE® 7387™Activator13 ml Bottle
1000-110-IIC 1112951 Loctite LOCTITE NSWC 100 THERMAL GREASE 21 - Immediate 1 LOCTITE® NSWC100™Grease6 oz Syringe
1000-116-IIC 1704238 Loctite LOCTITE NSWC 100 THERMAL GREASE 9 - Immediate 1 LOCTITE® NSWC100™Grease2 oz Tube
1000-119-IIC 195733 Loctite ADHESIVE LOCTITE 384 OUTPUT 1 - Immediate 1 LOCTITE® 384™Acrylic Adhesive Kit25 ml Syringe
100100F00000G-IIC 100100F00000G Aavid Thermalloy THERMAL GREASE 728 - Immediate 100Non-Stock Therolink 1000Silicon Compound1.25 oz Syringe
100200F00000G-IIC 100200F00000G Aavid Thermalloy THERMAL GREASE 761 - Immediate 50Non-Stock Therolink 1000Silicon Compound2 oz Tube
1168-1379-IIC S606-50 t-Global Technology SILICONE THERMAL GREASE 50G JAR 8 - Immediate 1 S606Grease50 gram Jar
1168-1383-IIC S606C-50 t-Global Technology SILICONE THERMAL GREASE 50G JAR 9 - Immediate 1 S606Grease50 gram Jar
1168-1627-IIC TG-NSP25-60 t-Global Technology SILICONE FREE THERMAL PUTTY 60CC 92 - Immediate 1 TGThermal Putty60cc Container
1168-1631-IIC TG4040-D-60 t-Global Technology SILICONE THERMAL PUTTY 60CC 83 - Immediate 1 TG4040Thermal Putty60cc Container
1168-1965-IIC S606N-1000 t-Global Technology NON SILICONE THERMAL GREASE 1KG 2 - Immediate 1 S606NGrease1 kg Container
100500F00000G-IIC 100500F00000G Aavid Thermalloy THERMAL GREASE 757 - Immediate 75Non-Stock Therolink 1000Silicon Compound5 oz Tube
100800F00000G-IIC 100800F00000G Aavid Thermalloy THERMAL GREASE 618 - Immediate 20Non-Stock Therolink 1000Silicon Compound8 oz Can
101600F00000G-IIC 101600F00000G Aavid Thermalloy THERMAL GREASE 795 - Immediate 20Non-Stock Therolink 1000Silicon Compound1 lb Can
101700F00000G-IIC 101700F00000G Aavid Thermalloy THERMAL GREASE 566 - Immediate 220Non-Stock Therolink 1000Grease1.5 oz Syringe
101800F00000G-IIC 101800F00000G Aavid Thermalloy THERMAL GREASE 867 - Immediate 175Non-Stock Therolink 1000Grease2 oz Tube
102000F00000G-IIC 102000F00000G Aavid Thermalloy THERMAL GREASE 648 - Immediate 90Non-Stock Therolink 1000Grease5 oz Tube
102100F00000G-IIC 102100F00000G Aavid Thermalloy THERMAL GREASE 995 - Immediate 250Non-Stock Therolink 1000Grease16 oz Jar
Compare up to 30 parts.
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