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Image IIC. Part # Mfr. Part # Mfr. Description Quantity Unit Price
Minimum Quantity PackagingSeriesConnector TypeNumber of PositionsNumber of Positions LoadedPitchNumber of RowsStyleLevel, ClassMounting TypeTerminationFeaturesContact FinishContact Finish Thickness
121A04879A-IIC 121A04879A Conec 96P M TYP C R/A PREMATE A1+A32 585 - Immediate 50Non-Stock -
121A05220A-IIC 121A05220A Conec MINI TY C MALE C/W PREMATE CON 885 - Immediate 28Non-Stock -
121A05329A-IIC 121A05329A Conec 32POS TY B MALE PREMATE A1+B1 982 - Immediate 100Non-Stock -
121A10039X-IIC 121A10039X Conec MALE CONNECTOR 2.54MM 813 - Immediate 53Non-Stock Bulk-Header, Male Pins64All0.100" (2.54mm)2B-Through Hole, Right AngleSolder-Gold-
121A10359X-IIC 121A10359X Conec MINI C 16 POS MALE R/A ROW A+C 579 - Immediate 79Non-Stock Bulk-Plug, Male Pins1660.100" (2.54mm)3C/23Through Hole, Right AngleSolder-Gold-
121A10389X-IIC 121A10389X Conec 48 POS M TYPE MINI C R/A 583 - Immediate 67Non-Stock Bulk-Plug, Male Pins48All-3C/23Through Hole, Right AngleSolder-Gold-
121A10699X-IIC 121A10699X Conec 32 POS MALE R/A TY F 843 - Immediate 34Non-Stock Bulk-Plug, Male Pins32160.100" (2.54mm)3F3Through Hole, Right AngleSolder-Gold-
121A20889X-IIC 121A20889X Conec 32 POS M R/A TY C WITH PCB CL. 739 - Immediate 55Non-Stock Bulk-Header, Male Pins32240.100" (2.54mm)3C3Through Hole, Right AngleSolderBoard LockGold-
121B10309X-IIC 121B10309X Conec MINI B 32 POS MALE PC ROW A+B 789 - Immediate 47Non-Stock -
121B10409X-IIC 121B10409X Conec MALE CONNECTOR TYPE C 20 - Immediate 1Non-Stock Bulk-Header, Male Pins48All0.100" (2.54mm)3C-Through HoleSolder-Gold-
121C10529X-IIC 121C10529X Conec 96 POS MALE W/W TY R ROW ABC 728 - Immediate 1,000Non-Stock -
121C10789X-IIC 121C10789X Conec 64 POS M TY G R/A NT#AO326972 672 - Immediate 14Non-Stock -
121E10949X-IIC 121E10949X Conec 11 POS M TYPE H R/A 761 - Immediate 24Non-Stock Bulk-Header, Male Pins11All0.300" (7.62mm)1H-Through Hole, Right AngleSolder-Silver-
122A10329X-IIC 122A10329X Conec 32P FEMALE SOLDER TY C ROW A+C 884 - Immediate 36Non-Stock Bulk-Receptacle, Female Sockets32240.100" (2.54mm)3C3Panel Mount; Through Hole, Right AngleSolder Lug-Gold-
122A10499X-IIC 122A10499X Conec 32 POS F 4MM PC MINI B ROA A+B 725 - Immediate 63Non-Stock Bulk-Receptacle, Female Sockets32All0.100" (2.54mm)2B/23Panel Mount; Through HoleSolder-Gold-
122A11049X-IIC 122A11049X Conec CONNECTOR TYPE F 5.08MM 32 POS 612 - Immediate 21Non-Stock --Receptacle, Female Sockets32All0.200" (5.08mm)3F-Panel MountSolder---
122A11139X-ND 122A11139X Conec CONNECTOR FEMALE TYPE G 5.08MM 865 - Immediate 9Non-Stock Bulk-Receptacle, Female Sockets64All0.100" (2.54mm)4G-Through HoleSolder-Gold-
122A11539X-IIC 122A11539X Conec 64P FEMALE TYPE C DUAL WIPE 690 - Immediate 23Non-Stock -
122A11619X-IIC 122A11619X Conec 48 POS F TYPE E PC 1.0MM A+C+E 907 - Immediate 19Non-Stock Bulk-Receptacle, Female Sockets48All0.200" (5.08mm)3E3Panel Mount; Through HoleSolder-Gold-
122A13119X-IIC 122A13119X Conec 48P FEMALE TYPE E PC 0.6MM A+C+E 808 - Immediate 19Non-Stock Bulk-Receptacle, Female Sockets48All0.200" (5.08mm)3E3Panel Mount; Through HoleSolder-Gold-
122B11059X-IIC 122B11059X Conec 48P FEMALE 1X1 PC TY F ROW DBZ 666 - Immediate 20Non-Stock -
122B11089X-IIC 122B11089X Conec 48 POS F ROUND PC TAIL 598 - Immediate 40Non-Stock -
122B11609X-IIC 122B11609X Conec 48 POS FEMALE TYPE E W/W A+C+E 831 - Immediate 18Non-Stock Bulk-Receptacle, Female Sockets48All0.200" (5.08mm)3E-Through HoleWire Wrap-Gold20µin (0.51µm)
122B13029X-IIC 122B13029X Conec FEMALE CONN SCREW TERM .200 905 - Immediate 4Non-Stock -
122C11139X-IIC 122C11139X Conec 64 POS FEMALE PC TY G ROW ZDBF 799 - Immediate 32Non-Stock BulkDIN 41617Receptacle, Female Sockets64-0.200" (5.08mm)4G-Panel Mount; Through Hole--Gold-
122E11719X-IIC 122E11719X Conec 11 POS F PC TY H 617 - Immediate 9Non-Stock Bulk-Receptacle, Female Sockets11All0.300" (7.62mm)1H-Through HoleSolder-Silver-
1393637-6-IIC 1393637-6 TE Connectivity EUROCARD TYPE C 722 - Immediate 3,400Non-Stock BulkEurocard, AmpReceptacle, Female Sockets48320.100" (2.54mm)31/2 C1Through HolePress-Fit-Gold or Gold-Palladium-
1393640-7-IIC 1393640-7 TE Connectivity EUROCARD TYPE C 630 - Immediate 600Non-Stock BulkEurocard, AmpReceptacle, Female Sockets48All0.100" (2.54mm)31/2 C1Through HoleSolder-Gold or Gold-Palladium-
1393642-9-IIC 1393642-9 TE Connectivity EUROCARD TYPE C 897 - Immediate 2,550Non-Stock BulkEurocard, AmpReceptacle, Female Sockets48All0.100" (2.54mm)31/2 C2Through HoleWire Wrap-Gold or Gold-Palladium-
1393644-9-IIC 1393644-9 TE Connectivity EUROCARD TYPE C 748 - Immediate 5,100Non-Stock BulkEurocard, AmpPlug, Male Pins48All0.100" (2.54mm)31/2 C1Through Hole, Right AngleSolder-Gold or Gold-Palladium-
Compare up to 30 parts.
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