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Image IIC. Part # Mfr. Part # Mfr. Description Quantity Unit Price
Minimum Quantity SeriesHolding Temperature @ VoltageRated Functioning TemperatureApprovalsPackage / Case
285-1901-IIC DFP10112 TDK-Lambda Americas Inc THERMAL FUSE 10 OHM 5W 806 - Immediate 1 --282°F (139°C)CSA, CUL, UL, VDERadial
317-1123-IIC SDF DF066S Cantherm THERMAL FUSE 66C 10A AXIAL 786 - Immediate 1,100Non-Stock SDF42°C (107°F) @ 250V151°F (66°C)CCC, cUL, EK, PSE, UL, VDEAxial
317-1124-IIC SDF DF072S Cantherm THERMAL FUSE 72C 10A AXIAL 1,525 - Immediate 1 SDF50°C (122°F) @ 250V162°F (72°C)CCC, cUL, EK, PSE, UL, VDEAxial
317-1125-IIC SDF DF077S Cantherm THERMAL FUSE 77C 10A AXIAL 2,085 - Immediate 1 SDF55°C (131°F) @ 250V171°F (77°C)CCC, cUL, EK, PSE, UL, VDEAxial
317-1126-IIC SDF DF084S Cantherm THERMAL FUSE 84C 10A AXIAL 5,351 - Immediate 1 SDF60°C (140°F) @ 250V183°F (84°C)CCC, cUL, EK, PSE, UL, VDEAxial
317-1127-IIC SDF DF091S Cantherm THERMAL FUSE 91C 10A AXIAL 13,360 - Immediate 1 SDF67°C (152°F) @ 250V196°F (91°C)CCC, cUL, EK, PSE, UL, VDEAxial
317-1128-IIC SDF DF098S Cantherm THERMAL FUSE 98C 10A AXIAL 1,723 - Immediate 1 SDF76°C (168°F) @ 250V208°F (98°C)CCC, cUL, EK, PSE, UL, VDEAxial
317-1129-IIC SDF DF100S Cantherm THERMAL FUSE 100C 10A AXIAL 8,492 - Immediate 1 SDF78°C (172°F) @ 250V212°F (100°C)CCC, cUL, EK, PSE, UL, VDEAxial
317-1130-IIC SDF DF104S Cantherm THERMAL FUSE 104C 10A AXIAL 5,607 - Immediate 1 SDF80°C (176°F) @ 250V219°F (104°C)CCC, cUL, EK, PSE, UL, VDEAxial
317-1131-IIC SDF DF110S Cantherm THERMAL FUSE 110C 10A AXIAL 983 - Immediate 1,100Non-Stock SDF86°C (187°F) @ 250V230°F (110°C)CCC, cUL, EK, PSE, UL, VDEAxial
317-1132-IIC SDF DF119S Cantherm THERMAL FUSE 119C 10A AXIAL 5,528 - Immediate 1 SDF95°C (203°F) @ 250V246°F (119°C)CCC, cUL, EK, PSE, UL, VDEAxial
317-1133-IIC SDF DF128S Cantherm THERMAL FUSE 128C 10A AXIAL 8,188 - Immediate 1 SDF106°C (223°F) @ 250V262°F (128°C)CCC, cUL, EK, PSE, UL, VDEAxial
317-1134-IIC SDF DF141S Cantherm THERMAL FUSE 141C 10A AXIAL 13,962 - Immediate 1 SDF117°C (243°F) @ 250V286°F (141°C)CCC, cUL, EK, PSE, UL, VDEAxial
317-1135-IIC SDF DF144S Cantherm THERMAL FUSE 144C 10A AXIAL 3,637 - Immediate 1 SDF120°C (248°F) @ 250V291°F (144°C)CCC, cUL, EK, PSE, UL, VDEAxial
317-1136-IIC SDF DF152S Cantherm THERMAL FUSE 152C 10A AXIAL 681 - Immediate 1 SDF128°C (262°F) @ 250V306°F (152°C)CCC, cUL, EK, PSE, UL, VDEAxial
317-1137-IIC SDF DF170S Cantherm THERMAL FUSE 170C 10A AXIAL 822 - Immediate 1,100Non-Stock SDF146°C (295°F) @ 250V338°F (170°C)CCC, cUL, EK, PSE, UL, VDEAxial
317-1138-IIC SDF DF184S Cantherm THERMAL FUSE 184C 10A AXIAL 1,174 - Immediate 1 SDF160°C (320°F) @ 250V363°F (184°C)CCC, cUL, EK, PSE, UL, VDEAxial
317-1139-IIC SDF DF192S Cantherm THERMAL FUSE 192C 10A AXIAL 1,499 - Immediate 1 SDF162°C (324°F) @ 250V378°F (192°C)CCC, cUL, EK, PSE, UL, VDEAxial
317-1140-IIC SDF DF216S Cantherm THERMAL FUSE 216C 10A AXIAL 565 - Immediate 1,100Non-Stock SDF191°C (376°F) @ 250V421°F (216°C)CCC, cUL, EK, PSE, UL, VDEAxial
317-1141-IIC SDF DF228S Cantherm THERMAL CUTOUT 228C 10A AXIAL 788 - Immediate 1,100Non-Stock SDF193°C (379°F) @ 250V442°F (228°C)CCC, cUL, EK, PSE, UL, VDEAxial
317-1142-IIC SDF DF240S Cantherm THERMAL FUSE 240C 10A AXIAL 648 - Immediate 1 SDF200°C (392°F) @ 250V464°F (240°C)CCC, cUL, EK, PSE, UL, VDEAxial
317-1554-IIC L5018424DELB0XE Cantherm THERMAL FUSE L50 184C G900 19 - Immediate 1 L50160°C (320°F) @ 250V363°F (184°C)UL, VDERadial
317-1555-IIC L5017024DELB0XE Cantherm THERMAL FUSE L50 170C G900 48 - Immediate 1 L50146°C (295°F) @ 250V338°F (170°C)UL, VDERadial
317-1556-IIC L5016724DELB0XE Cantherm THERMAL FUSE L50 167C G900 29 - Immediate 1 L50142°C (288°F) @ 250V333°F (167°C)UL, VDERadial
317-1557-IIC L5015224DELB0XE Cantherm THERMAL FUSE L50 152C G900 50 - Immediate 1 L50128°C (262°F) @ 250V306°F (152°C)UL, VDERadial
317-1558-IIC L5014424DELB0XE Cantherm THERMAL FUSE L50 144C G900 33 - Immediate 1 L50120°C (248°F) @ 250V291°F (144°C)UL, VDERadial
317-1559-IIC L5014124DELB0XE Cantherm THERMAL FUSE L50 141C G900 50 - Immediate 1 L50117°C (243°F) @ 250V286°F (141°C)UL, VDERadial
317-1560-IIC L5012824DELB0XE Cantherm THERMAL FUSE L50 128C G900 69 - Immediate 1 L50106°C (223°F) @ 250V262°F (128°C)UL, VDERadial
317-1561-IIC L5011924DELB0XE Cantherm THERMAL FUSE L50 119C G900 42 - Immediate 1 L5095°C (203°F) @ 250V246°F (119°C)UL, VDERadial
317-1562-IIC L5011024DELB0XE Cantherm THERMAL FUSE L50 110C G900 48 - Immediate 1 L5088°C (190°F) @ 250V230°F (110°C)UL, VDERadial
Compare up to 30 parts.
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